Therapy & Psychosynthesis

Psychosyntesis is a branch within psychology, most helpful in finding balance. Roberto Assagioli worked with Sigmund Freud,

but felt that Psycho-dynamics lacked soul.

His idea is that each of us has developed various parts of our personality. We need to integrate these subpersonalities into our selves, by identifying each feeling as a subpersonality, or a shadow, as some call it.

We all have shadows. Sometimes shadows cause diffisulties. The clue is to identify shadows, become aware, and integrate theese into our own selves. 

Many branches talk about Polarities. Am I good, am I bad, too timid or too straightforward? We are either or, but both.

Being aware of theese opposites, create balance, synthesis, between polarities.

Thus creating balance.

Assagioli recognized Soul, spirit, religiousness or connection to nature..., your own Self.